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Settings Site
Settings Update eBay categories
Settings Personal information
Settings These information are needed if you want to see exact shipping costs. In larger countries (like USA) also the postal/ZIP code is needed to calculate correct shipping costs.
Settings Country
Settings Postal code Code postal
Settings Postal code has to belong to the country the chosen eBay site is hosted in.
Settings Appearance Apparence
Settings Default items per page Nombre d'objets par page
Settings Default list order Ordre de tri par défaut
Settings Item list style Style d'affichage de liste
Settings Result list navigation Navigation de liste de résultats
Settings Pull down / Push up Pull down / Push up
Settings Navigation bar Barre de navigation
Settings Behaviour Comportement
Settings Store recent searches Recherches récentes du magasin
Settings Automatically update list entries
Settings Automatically update item view
Settings Revoking token Jeton révoqué
Settings Small picture
Settings Use as default 'Available to' filter
Settings Using the 'Available to' filter retrieves also items by sellers from other countries that are shipping to your country.
Settings Big picture
Settings Deleting cache
ShippingCostsDelegate Each additional item: %1
ShippingCostsDelegate Free Gratuit
ShippingCostsDelegate Shipping surcharge: %1
ShippingCostsDelegate Insurance cost: %1
ShippingCostsDelegate Import charges (estimated): %1
ShippingCostsDelegate For %n item(s) to %1
ShippingCostsModel The seller will not ship the item, has deactivated the shipping, or has not set any shipping destination.


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