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Plural formula: n != 1

Key English
About eBay client for Sailfish OS
AttachedFilters Excluded %n seller
About All rights reserved.
AttachedFilters Included %n seller
AttachedFilters %n day
About Munich
CoverPage %n watched item
About Germany
About Country flag icons by <a href=''></a> are public domain.
CoverPage %n Result
FeedbackList %n rating
About Translations are licensed under the terms of the <a href=''>Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a>.
FindProductsPage %n result
AboutPage Homepage
InternationalShippingServiceOptionsObject Estd. delivery within %n business day
AboutPage Privacy Policy
MTU %n day
AboutPage Changelog
AboutPage Contributors
MTU %n hour
MTU %n minute
AboutPage About
MTU %n second
AboutPage Contact
AboutPage Contribute
MarkatTimeUtils %n day
MarkatTimeUtils %n hour
AboutPage Translate
AboutPage Report bugs
MarkatTimeUtils %n minute
MarkatTimeUtils %n second
AboutPage 3rd party licenses
AttachedFilters Reset all filters
MyList %n item
AttachedFilters Filters
SearchResults %n result
ShippingCostsDelegate For %n item to %1
AttachedFilters Search
AttachedFilters You are searching for active items.
ShippingServiceOptionsObject Estd. delivery time: %n business day.
SingleItemPageAuth %n sold
AttachedFilters You are searching for items in stores.
AttachedFilters You are searching for completed items.
SingleItemPageAuth Will usually ship within %n business day of receiving cleared payment.
StoredSearches %n stored search
AttachedFilters You are searching for a product.
AttachedFilters Sorting
WatchedItems %n watched item
AttachedFilters Sort order
AttachedFilters Items per page
AttachedFilters Format
AttachedFilters Conditions
AttachedFilters Categories
AttachedFilters Include categories
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