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SearchesDelegate Items in eBay stores
SearchesDelegate MMM d, h:mmap
SearchesGridDelegate d. MMM, h:mmap
SearchesModel No filter object specified. Can not save this search.
SellerFilterDialog Remove seller filters
Settings An authentication token is set and active. Markat can use your eBay account.
Settings An authentication token is set, but it has expired.
Settings There is no authentication token set. Markat can not use your eBay account. Use the pull down menu to request a new authentication token.
Settings The authentication token was revoked by the app.
Settings The authentication token was revoked by eBay.
Settings The authentication token was revoked by the user.
Settings Update eBay details
Settings Clear cache
Settings Request new token
Settings Revoke token
Settings Check token status
Settings Settings
Settings Account
Settings Token expired on<br />%1
Settings Token was revoked on<br />%1
Settings This Token is valid until<br />%1
Settings Sorry, but the following error occured: %1
Settings Base site
Settings The base site is the eBay market place site that is used to perform the operations. You are free to choose the site you want to use, as if you were using or in your browser.
Settings Site
Settings Update eBay categories
Settings Personal information
Settings These information are needed if you want to see exact shipping costs. In larger countries (like USA) also the postal/ZIP code is needed to calculate correct shipping costs.
Settings Country
Settings Postal code
Settings Postal code has to belong to the country the chosen eBay site is hosted in.


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