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Key English
Help Icons that are not used in lists are mostly showing a hint about their meaning when you press on them.
Help Prodcuts and items
Help eBay differs between products and items. Products are catalog information that can be used by items. Items are the goods that are offered by the sellers.
Help Search products
Help You can use Markat to search for products. Clicking on a found product starts a search for the items connected to this prodcut.
Help Only media like music, books and video games can be found based on product codes. If you want to search for other products, use the normal product search.
InternationalShippingServiceDelegate Each additional item: %1
InternationalShippingServiceDelegate Free
InternationalShippingServiceDelegate Import charge: %1
InternationalShippingServiceDelegate Insurance cost: %1
InternationalShippingServiceOptionsModel Shipping
InternationalShippingServiceOptionsObject Estd. delivery within %1 to %2 business days
InternationalShippingServiceOptionsObject No estimated delivery
ItemListDelegate or Best Offer
ItemListDelegate %1/%2
ItemListDelegate %1% Discount
ItemListDelegate Remove from included sellers
ItemListDelegate Add to included sellers
ItemListDelegate Add to excluded sellers
ItemListDelegate Remove from included categories
ItemListDelegate Add to included categories
ItemListDelegate Add to excluded categories
ItemObject %1 - %2
ItemSearch Search
ItemSearch Search in %1
ItemSearch Search for
ItemSearch Active items
ItemSearch Completed items
ItemSearch Items in eBay stores
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appended to the price in a search result list if best offer is available
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