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BestOfferDetails The seller has retracted the counter offer.
BestOfferDetails Offer expires in %1
BestOfferDetails Buy It Now price
BestOfferDetails Current offer
BestOfferDetails Offer status
BestOfferDetails Offer expiration
BestOfferDetailsObject The seller accepted your best offer.
BestOfferDetailsObject The best offer is active.
BestOfferDetailsObject The best offer was ended by an eBay administrator.
BestOfferDetailsObject Countered best offer.
BestOfferDetailsObject The seller declined your best offer.
BestOfferDetailsObject Your best offer expired due to the passing of 48 hours with no seller response.
BestOfferDetailsObject Your best offer is awaiting the seller's response.
BestOfferDetailsObject The seller is awaiting your confirmation for the counter offer price.
BestOfferDetailsObject The seller is awaiting your payment within 48 hours, otherwise the counter offer will expire.
BestOfferDetailsObject The seller has retracted the counter offer.
BestOfferListDelegate Your offer:
BestOfferListDelegate ca.
BestOfferListDelegate (ca. %1)
BestOfferListDelegate Show best offer details
BestOfferListDelegate Edit note
BestOfferListDelegate Add note
BidListDelegate Your maximum bid:
BidListDelegate (ca. %1)
BidListDelegate Edit note
BidListDelegate Add note
BigPictureItemListDelegate %1/%2
BigPictureItemListDelegate or Best Offer
BigPictureItemListDelegate %1% Discount
BigPictureItemListDelegate Remove from included sellers
BigPictureItemListDelegate Add to included sellers
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