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Key English French
MarkatTimeUtils %1m %2s
MTU %1m %2s
MarkatTimeUtils %1s %1d {1s?}
MTU %1s %1d {1s?}
CoverPage %n Result(s) %n Result
AttachedFilters %n day(s) %n jour(s)
MTU %n day(s) %n jour(s)
MarkatTimeUtils %n day(s) %n jour(s)
AttachedFilters %n excluded categorie(s)
MTU %n hour(s) %n heure(s)
MarkatTimeUtils %n hour(s) %n heure(s)
AttachedFilters %n included categorie(s)
MyList %n item(s)
MTU %n minute(s)
MarkatTimeUtils %n minute(s)
FeedbackList %n rating(s)
FindProductsPage %n result(s) %n Resultat(s)
SearchResults %n result(s) %n résultat(s)
MTU %n second(s)
MarkatTimeUtils %n second(s)