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Key English French
XmlHelper oney order/Cashiers check
XmlHelper Money transfer Money transfer
XmlHelper Money transfer (information at checkout) Money transfer (informations lors du paiement)
XmlHelper Not specified Non spécifié
XmlHelper Other Autres
XmlHelper Other online payments Autres moyens de paiement
XmlHelper PaysaPay PaysaPay
XmlHelper PaysaPayEscrow EMI PaysaPayEscrow EMI
XmlHelper See article description Voir la description de l'article
XmlHelper PayPal Paypal
XmlHelper PayPal Credit Card
XmlHelper Personal check Chèque
XmlHelper Standard payment Paiement classique
XmlHelper Visa/Mastercard Visa/Mastercard
XmlHelper Estimated delivery by %1
XmlHelper dddd, d. MMM yyyy
XmlHelper Estimated delivery %1 - %2
XmlHelper No estimated delivery time
searchesHelper Active items Objets actifs
searchesHelper Completed items Objets Terminés